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The Phased Array low profile crawler LPS-01 and LPS-02 are compatible with Phased Array ultrasonic flaw detector, which is used to perform circumferential weld inspection on small diameter pipe

ˇńCompact, lightweight, portable, waterproof and rust-free.
ˇńProbes and wedges can be quickly and easily changed.
ˇńSupport up to two phased array probes to cover the whole welds at one time.
ˇńCovers standard pipes with outside diameters ranging from 20.32-114.3mm (0.84-4.5 inch).
ˇńCan be operated within 15mm clearance, perfect for hard-to-reach area inspection. 
ˇńEncoder precision: 32.6step/mm
ˇńThe probe spacing can be adjusted in the range of 0-55 mm.
ˇńCrawler can provide stable and constant pressure around the pipe full circumference.
ˇńUrethane wheels help the crawler have smooth radial movement along the pipe and reduce axial drift.
ˇńPositive inspection and reverse inspection with high reproducibility and good coupling.
ˇńWith its simple buckle design, just easily buckle up and unbuckle the links for different pipe diameters     (No need to disassemble the whole scanner).
ˇńTwo inspection methods: one-side inspection and dual-side inspection


Crawler for Small Pipe Welds

Typical configuration for dual-side inspection: LPS-02 crawler, two R35E phased array probes with 60°refraction angle AOD wedges, Y splitter, SIUI phased array flaw detector and manual irrigation device

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